Dooplay Injector

Dooplay Injector
April 16, 2020 Comments Off on Dooplay Injector Admin Tools, Products BlackHat

Dooplay Injector is a tool to automate content & links post to your dooplay website. Script can work to any web server package, no need for vps or premium hosting. Tool designed for any website owner, no need for coding or programming skills to setup & use.

How it works

After installation no other action required. Your website will be “injected” with new links every 3 days, tool will also generate the content using TMDB API. Links are cloned to your accounts using hosts APIs. Every three days you will receive an email report of your inserted links.


  • TMDB Content generation (movies, tvshows, seasons, episodes)
  • All links will be cloned to your accounts
  • Links insertion in top player or in links module or both
  • Email report of the inserted links

Tool Setup

Setup is very simple, you have just to upload a file to your wordpress site, using ftp or a file manager plugin. Then you have to add your hosts API Credentials, so script can clone the injected links to your accounts.

Supported Hosts

Links injected will be first cloned to your account and then will be posted to your top player. Your will also receive links that are not belong to below hosts, these videos won’t be cloned but will be posted as it is.

  • supervideo
  • cloudvideo
  • mixdrop
  • vidcloud
  • gounlimited
  • upstream
  • vup

Supported Languages

  • Italian

Link Checker Demo

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